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For qualified investors, we offer access to a range of very promising investment opportunities, ranging from Electric Car Manufacturers, Alternative Energy Companies, Innovative Construction Technology, large scale developments of Holiday Resorts and Hotel, as well as new Passenger and Cargo Transport Systems and Blockchain Technologies. To receive details, contact us with a Letter of Intent (LoI) and Proof of Funds (PoF).

Media company - animation

Multi-award-winning experienced team with many decades of industry experience in Hollywood, BBC, etc looking to build their own animation business using in-house improved ultra-fast software and innovative tools. The team wishes to create their own animation movies and expand into new marketplaces in Asia and the Middle East.

Capital requirement: £60M

Electric Trucks

Famous traditional Western European car manufacturer with highly innovative concept and design of electric vehicles. The company has signed orders for significant numbers of vehicles and they need capital to fund at least one new production line in Europe and potentially a second in the USA.

Capital requirement: US$ 70M (for each new production line).

Holiday Resort Development

Resort Developer with almost 4 years experience looking to raise senior debt and development finance for projects in Morocco, St Lucia and Portugal.

Capital requirement: £30M, £60M and £80M

Blockchain and Tokenisation Platform

Privately developed and funded over 5 years, the platform was specifically designed for the real estate industry, but is able to tokenise any asset. It is ready for operation and requires capitalisation for the day-to-day operation and a global marketing campaign.

Capital requirement: £10M

Urban and Regional Transport Systems and Infrastructure

Designer and Operator of innovative and highly competitive transport systems and infrastructure. Sustainable, affordable, highly modern and flexible transport solutions for the metropolitan areas of the 21st century. Solutions are for both, cargo and passenger transport with a practically unlimited global growth market.

Capital requirement: £200m++

Major European Leisure and Entertainment Park

Development of Europe's first fully privately funded Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. A multi-billion Pound Entertainment and Leisure Resort with global blue-chip brands providing the IP. Investors are invited to invest in various 4- and 5-star hotels ranging from £19M to £250M, as well as equity stakes in the Resort Operating Company for up to £200M.

London Development Funding

Hotels, Luxury Prime Central London residential and urban regeneration project developers looking for equity and debt funding of between £20M and £1B


Renewable Energy Generation, Storage, Efficiency and Networks

Europe and Britain are major innovation hubs and enormous markets for sustainable energy technologies. The generation or conversion of energy, both on a large, centralised scale and on a personalised home level is a tremendous growth market for modern living. This ranges from very large Hydrogen Plants and Fusion Projects to highly efficient and easy-to-install Solar and Vertical Wind Turbine Systems, as well as, Battery Technology, Infrared Induction Heating.

Capital requirements: £10m - £500m++

Hedge Fund

Running an opportunistic liquid US Equities strategy at the highest frequency possible. In its current form the strategy is long-only and orders are received at the exchange with response times in the range 700 to 2000 milli-seconds. This strategy has been running in its current form since late January; it has so far yielded positive returns each month (including 1 % April MTD) and an annualised Sharpe of 2.7 (based on 55 observations). The SandP500 has lost 5 % over the same period.

About to launch a long/short index arbitrage (mean reversion) strategy using the same technology, based on prior experience and backtests this should have a Sharpe in excess of 3.

A G-10 + liquid EM Currency strategy almost ready-to go but which has an average of 19 opportunities per year and a Sharpe of 1.5 (based on prior track record and current backtests) it is therefore of less interest as an immediate generator of PnL but would serve both to illustrate capacity and as a diversifier. The above three strategies have signal half-lives and holding periods in the range minutes to hours; they are intra-day strategies but they can and often do hold risk overnight.

Capital requirements: Fund A: £5M, Fund B: £30M, Fund C: £30M-£300M

Modular Construction Systems for non-permanent structures in nature settings

A newly formed JV between a multi-award winning architectural firm and a group of property professionals with many decades experience requiring funds to purchase land and develop sustainable modular homes in the UK, with a view to license globally.

Capital requirement: from £10m
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