How it works

How it works

If, like so many people these days, you find it increasingly difficult to get onto the property ladder Indirect Real Estate Investing may be the way forward for you. It involves no direct ownership of a property or properties. Instead, you invest in a pool along with others, whereby a management company owns and operates properties, or else owns a portfolio of mortgages. Within the Fortune Investor Club, you are a share holder of that management company, thereby creating and increasing your wealth.
A number of investors pledge an amount of money each.
We will incorporate a UK Limited company for all investors, specifically created for one particular property investment. According to the amounts they invested, all investors will be allocated shares, adding up to 100% in total.


General Services provided by the Fortune team

- sourcing the right opportunity (land, a rental property, a conversion)
- due diligence and background checks on the property, the area, the market drivers and potential clients (buyers, renters, guest)
- incorporation of a SPV (special purpose vehicle) which owns the individual asset and whose shareholders benefit from the income or profit. Filing annual company accounts and statements.
- assembling and managing a team of relevant specialists for every project (builders and trades people, project manager, architects and planners, mortgage and tax experts, interior designers, rental management team or sales and marketing team)
- executing the building development or renovation work and managing the team
- decorating and furnishing for a rental or staging and marketing for a sale
- rental management or property sales - refinance where applicable
- preparing to repeat the process and either share out the profits or reinvest in the next project
We offer our Fully Managed Service which we hope to be hassle free and where we act on your behalf as liaison with the Tenants. We have put together a summary below which we hope you find useful. However, if you would like to discuss the service options in more detail, please contact us to arrange a valuation.
• Property Valuation
• Safety Regulation Advice
• Marketing Property
• Supervising Viewings
• Referencing Tenants
• Tenancy Agreement
• Deposit to TDS
• Gas and Electric Safety Certificate Arrangement
• Notifying Utilities
• Energy Performance Certificate Arrangement
• Rent Collection
• Monthly Statements
• Dealing with Repairs
• Inspections
• Automatic Inventory Arrangement
• Rent and Legal Protection Quotes Available

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